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!worddavdc7bb4fecc1c6d0f2687917147e6a0a0.png|height=51,width=700!PMID: 17074756 - The DNA binding activities of Smad2 and Smad3 are regulated by coactivator-mediated acetylation. PMID: 9738456
Fig.10. Two different papers have to be looked at to find the information for the antibody recognizing phospho-Smad2.
Keep in mind that the information in UniProtKB about PTMs is just a listing and does not provide the PTM combination that could be found in the protein form. In PRO we try to describe the observed form, so if this form is known to be acetylated and phosphorylated, as has been identified in the paper above for Smad2 isoform 2 (known as deltaexon3) we list it as one term. Image Removed

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  Fig.11 Ontology for smad2 isoform 2.
Definitions for the umbrella terms follow the structure:
For unmodified forms:
A <parent name> that has not been subjected to <modification> at sites analogous to x, y, z,... n in UniprotKB:<accession>. Example: UniProtKB:<accession>, Aaa-#, PR:000026291.