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Welcome to the Protein Ontology (PRO) wiki page. This page provides information about protein ontology Protein Ontology development, collaborative efforts, and dissemination. The main PRO page is located in PIR website [[1]at [].


Table of Contents


Please go to the Events page. 

Resources Adopted by PRO

Please go to the Resources Adopted by PRO page. 

PRO Citations

Please go to the PRO citations page.


PRO OBO Working Version

The pro_wv.obo file [22link] contains the pre-release version of PRO, which will appear between official releases. New pro_wv.obo files are uploaded once per day whenever a change has been made.


Please note that this is not an official version of the pro.obo file, so the content may change when released, but it provides the user with the view of future PRO terms. 

PRO Curation Guidelines

Click on the link to PRO Ontology Manual Curation Guidelines 

Click on the image below for downloading high resolution version of PRO logo